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Masters’ graduation day 2014

MiFIT     IMG_8277

On the 18th of July there was a graduation day of the international master degree program “MiFIT”.

A solemn ceremony was held in the Hall of the Academic Council, where teachers, representatives of the Economic Faculty congratulated graduates and handed diplomas and certificates.

After the official part of this landmark event, the graduates went to the territory of an abandoned landfill, where masters took up arms without any fear and doubt!

Congratulations on the successful completion of studies, we wish you the further victories!

Prognoz Summer School on Econometric Modeling 2014

Summer School on Econometric Modeling was held in Perm.

599In June was the second Summer School on Econometric Modeling – Prognoz Summer School 2014. More than 50 students, graduate students and teachers from the universities of Perm, Ufa and Moscow took part in it.
Prognoz Summer School is an annual project of the company “Prognoz”, it is focuses on promoting research in the field of Econometric Modelling. Teachers of the School are leading scientists from Russian and foreign universities: Anil Bera, a Professor at the University of Illinois-Champaign (USA), and Rameau Gencay, Professor of Economics University( Simon Fraser , Canada). For four days the students were involved in scientific sessions, sports and intellectual competitions. Last student conference under the name “I Love Econometrics” students presented their research works on modelling of foreign economic trade flows, site traffic, crashes on the real estate market manipulation in the financial market.
“Prognoz Summer School is one of the key events held our by the company with the purpose of formation the student community in the field of Mathematical Modeling of Economic Systems in Russia, along with the project “Prognoz BI University” and winter school on Risk Management – “Perm Winter School”, – said Sergey Ivliev, Deputy General Director of research and the main ideologist of the event.

The organizers plan to hold another event next year. You can follow the events on the site
Full photo report about the last school posted here

Prognoz Summer School 2014 is coming soon!

Prognoz Summer School’14 – residential school-conference, which brings together students, postgraduates and young scientists of higher educational institutions of Russia, dedicated to solving problems of Econometrics, Econometric Modelling and Forecasting.

In 2014 Prognoz Summer School will be devoted to the Econometrics of Financial Networks and will be held from May, 30 to June, 2 leading be Professor Ramo Gençay (Simon Fraser University) at the tourist camp “Sport”.

Perm Winter School 2014

From the 30th of January to the 1st of February in the city of Perm hosted the forth international school-seminar Perm Winter School’14, devoted to current research and best practices in the field of risk management. It was organized by the company «PROGNOZ», Perm State National Research University and the international Association of professional risk-managers of the PRMIA.

The PWS’14 agenda included:

  • Guest lectures by leading scientists: Ramo Gencay (Simon Fraser University) and Didier Sornette (ETH Zurich)
  • Risk management and financial markets modeling sessions
  • Key-note talk on financial regulation by Alexey Lobanov (Bank of Russia)
  • Master-classes on risk management in finance and corporate sector
  • Technological workshop from Prognoz Risk Lab
  • Trading Game
  • Cultural program included Perm Opera Theatre, excursion to Kungur Ice Cave, and traditional Risk Party


Perm Winter School 2014 gallery

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Here in Perm, Russia, we had a very different new year, including the way we celebrated it and even the date. But it turned out to be very interesting and exciting. We went skiing with Russian friends and went to see ice sculptures. They are gifts to Russia by god and we enjoyed it here.___Ella


Feeling the beauty of Russia by heart,I’m sure that decades later,I will still remember and miss my special experience in Russia,her pure snow, silent long winter and especially her lovely people. Я люблю тебя, Россия! ___Eva


My first Russian NY here. You could see my smile everywhere,and I feel so lucky i am here!Every thing is new for me,ice skiing,snow skating,Christmas….Wonderful!I just want to say: I love you,Russian!__Selina


Andy,Ella,Silena  Andy & Ella~
 Eva & Vivi  NY2013 Vivi
 NY2013 Eva  Group photo

Top students from Europe and Asia have been trained at the Perm State University and in the “Prognoz” company

For the 5th time students from Europe and Asia have been trained at PSU.

In the autumn course «Mathematical Modeling in Economics & Finance» (MathEconomics) were involved more than 30 young , talented and ambitious students from foreign countries. Students from Ariel University (Israel), University of Belgrade and Nishskogo University (Serbia) have been full-time training and there were online listeners from India, Portugal, China and Belarus.

Lectures and practical classes were led by leading teachers of the Department of Information Systems and Mathematical Methods in Economics and experts of “Prognoz”. During two weeks students were gaining knowledge on the Theory of Optimal Control , Risk Management and Financial MarketsModeling, students were participating in a workshop of creation a BI- system, international student conference on Financial Modeling – FinMod and a holiday CyberDay.

Guests of the city also went sightseeing and visited the legendary Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre .

The cooperation with partner universities will certainly continue.

group serbians

Masters’ Training Course in Minsk

In the beginning of October in Minsk there took place the international training of masters and postgraduate students of the ISMME Department (PSU).

Thanks to the company «Prognoz», 8 young specialists and scientists became active participants of the discussions on scientific and educational seminar IRB Day. The seminar covered the questions of development of the methods of credit risk management, validation of credit models, stress testing, practical aspects of implementation of credit risk management systems. Risk management and stress testing were discussing during a visit of the leading commercial Bank of Belarus – Belveb, where the staff was speaking about using software solutions company «Prognoz».

Also the program of the trip included a meeting with students and teachers of the Belarusian State Economic University, Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics and visit the National history Museum.

TeamBuilding Party 2013

For the second consecutive year master program of the Economics Department takes not only Russian, but foreign students for studying in the program MiFIT. This year the list of masters has been added by four Russians,  student from China and Kenya.

Traditionally academic year began with teambuilding. The event was held in the rest center, where masters competed in dexterity and wit, and helped each other in competitions, and just enjoyed nature and atmosphere.

English became the language of the event and it wasn’t a problem – on the contrary, cultural differences made the day even more enjoyable and memorable! Masters of the second year of training organized a small surprise for freshmen showed a scene on the motives of the Chinese folk tale.

The event ended with delicious BBQ and gifts provided by ISMME Department and the company “Prognoz”.

Team Building Party 2013 gallery

Econometrics School “Prognoz Summer School”

The “Prognoz” company continues to develop research and educational projects in which students and young scientists have the opportunity to learn from the recognized authorities of the international scientific community.

From May 31 to June 3 in Perm was Summer School on Spatial Econometrics Prognoz Summer School in 2013 under the leadership of the University of Illinois Professor Anil Bera.

There were 26 participants on Summer School : teachers and students of the department of Information Systems and Mathematical Methods in Economics (PSU), students of the Higher School of Economics (Perm city), the staff of “Prognoz”. Among them there were the winners of BI University Cup, which held at the School to present their projects in the field of Econometrics using analytical tools of Prognoz Platform.

Activities of the School was organized at the country club named “Russian country estate,” which allowed students and experts to communicate in a fairly informal and creative atmosphere. According to the organizers, holding Prognoz Summer School on a regular basis with the participation of world  leading scientists and teachers will continue create a research student community of the Department of ISMME and “Prognoz” company.

Prognoz Summer School PSS-2 PSS-3 PSS-4

PROGNOZ has supported the participation of the team of the Department of ISMME on Econometric Game 2013 in Amsterdam.

The team of the Department of Information Systems and Mathematical Methods in Economics (PSU) took part in the Econometric Game 2013 – the international Olympiad on econometrics, which is one of the prestigious project of the University of Amsterdam.

The event was held from the 9th  to 11th of  April in Amsterdam. Tasks of the competition directed on the development of students creative approach in solving meaningful tasks on topical issues of Economics and Econometric Modelling.
In this year in competition participated 30 teams from many countries, thus for the first time in the history of the Game among the participants of the Olympiad was a team from Russia. Command ISMME debuted on the Econometric Game worthy, they provided solutions for all tasks.
The participation of students and post-graduate students of the Department in the Olympics became possible thanks to the support of the company «PROGNOZ».


Perm Winter School 2013

5-7 February in the city of Perm hosted the third international school-seminar Perm Winter School’13, devoted to current research and best practices in the field of risk management. It was organized by the company «PROGNOZ», Perm State National Research University and the international Association of professional risk-managers of the PRMIA. The school gathered more than 160 students from both the academic community (students, post-graduate students and teachers of the 12 universities), as well as from industry (Sberbank of Russia, «Transcapitalbank», Bank «Saint-Petersburg», OJSC «CHELYABINVESTBANK», OJSC Tsesnabank JSC (Astana), JSC «Gazprom», OJSC «NK «Rosneft» and others). The online broadcast of school events has acceded to more than 1,700 users of the Internet.

The teaching staff of the Perm Winter School’13 was presented by well-known experts in the sphere of risk management and the microstructure of financial markets from the leading European universities, Russian and foreign companies and financial regulators. In the framework of the school discussed the upcoming reform of the international banking regulation, various applied problems of risk-management as in commercial banks, as in industry. The overall opinion of the speakers, the topic of risk management today applies to all, being a synonym for responsible financial management. Thus if the banks it has worked out quite carefully, taking into account the recommendations of the Basel Committee, the companies of the real sector will have to be ripened to the introduction of such practices.

The special theme of the school was the microstructure of financial markets and the problems of high-frequency trading (High-Frequency Trading), in the discussion which took part Austin Gerig (University of Oxford), Fabrizio Lillo (Ecole Normale Superieure of Pisa), Valery Lyakh (the Federal service for financial markets of Russia) and others. Vladimir Filimonov (Swiss higher technical school of Zurich), speaking as a moderator of this section, noted that so far the expert community has not developed a consolidated position with respect to trade with the help of computer algorithms. Meanwhile, carrying out operations in milliseconds, they are responsible for 60% of all the assets that are traded on the American market, with 54% in Europe and almost 19% in Asia. Their systemic impact on the stability of the financial markets has become the subject of close attention on the part of scientists, including participants of the Perm Winter School.
Perm Winter School 2013 gallery

Chinese internship with the «PROGNOZ»

At the end of September in Beijing hosted the first international training of masters and post-graduate students of the Department of ISMME of PSU. Thanks to the company «PROGNOZ» 10 young specialists and scientists studied the methods and approaches to risk management in the course of the week in China. They have become listeners, speakers and active participants in the discussion at the second Beijing Risk-forum, held on the basis of one of the largest national universities- Beihang University. Also the program of the trip included a visit to the Central University of Finance and Economics (CUFA), where the Russians and Chinese students discussed the directions of research, training programs and the possible participation of young Chinese scientists at the next conference of the Perm Winter School, devoted to risk management.

The problems of risk management and stress testing were also discussed during the visit of the seventh-largest brokerage company in China – China Galaxy Securities, as well as in the research Institute at the state energy Corporation of China (SGERI), where software solutions «PROGNOZ» are afoot. As explained by the head of the internship – Deputy General Director of the company «PROGNOZ» for research Sergey Ivliev, for the company and the Department of ISMME is very important the establishment of Russia-China ties: «China is the new center of the world, along with the United States. And in the future, our economy will be focused not only on the West, but also on the East. In connection with this fact the building of scientific, commercial relations, long-term and mutually beneficial relations are especially relevant».


Scientist-mathematician from Berlin Mikhail Zaks will read a course of lectures at Perm state University

Scientist of the Institute of mathematics at Berlin University named after brothers Humboldt Michael Sachs will visit Perm state University. During the visit he will read a course of lectures on Nonlinear dynamics and there will be one public lecture.

A public lecture «Fractals and their applications» will be held on the 10th of October at 15.15 in room 902 (building №1).

Scientists have described the contents:

«We are accustomed to, that what surrounds us, with the geometric point of view is divided on the line, surface and volume of the body. In other words: the one-dimensional, two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects. The question of whether meet the situation, when the dimension is nonintegral: more than a line, but less, than at the surface, it seems, at first glance, pointless, on the second – mathematical exotic. Nevertheless, around us a lot of objects with fractional dimensions. The proposed lecture introduces the world of such “fractals” and introduces the mathematical methods of work with them.»


On the 8th of October Mr. Zaks will begin to read a course on nonlinear dynamics:

On the 8th of October at 17.00 in room 902 (building №1)- Dynamic systems: General concepts. The types of and criteria for sustainability. The Lyapunov Functions.

On the 9th of October  at 15.15 in room 902 (building №1) – Typical bifurcations of equilibrium, and periodic motions. Criteria for the existence and non-existence of oscillatory regimes.

On the 11th of October  at 15.15 in room 902 (building №1) – Dynamic chaos. The Lorenz Attractor. Lyapunov exponents. Scenarios of transition “order – chaos”. Universal sequence of bifurcations.

On the 12th of October at 15.15 in room 902 (building №1) –  Simple models neuro dynamics: equations of the Hodgkin-Huxley and Fitzhugh-Nagumo. Excitability and “duck”.

On the 15th of October at 15:15 in room 902 (building №1) – Collective effects: synchronization. Model Kuramoto.

X International scientific-practical conference

Held once a year, the conference «the Modern financial market of the Russian Federation», for 10 years, invariably brings together a wide range of officials, regulating the financial market, the leading representatives of the banking and industrial groups, financiers, entrepreneurs, appraisers, experts in the field of real estate, as well as representatives of the scientific schools, as of the Perm region, and the entire Russian Federation.

The aim of the conference – discussion of problems and prospects of development of the financial market of the Russian Federation

Date – September 7, 2012.
Place – Perm State University (8 korp. 313 AUD.)

The format – Web conference (Perm – Moscow)
The main Rapporteur Chernov Aleksey Anatolyevich
The General Director of the company «Vitus»
The topic of the report – «Analysis of current state of the stock market of the Russian Federation»

Usmanov Mark Revhatovich
The President of SC «Finguard»


«Perm state national research University»,
The «Finances»Group,
SC «Finguard»
For more information contact The Department of Finance, credit and exchange Affairs:

Posted: 03 Sept 2012


The deadline for registration is October 31st.

Your professor will have to sign your team up.

A team consists of 5 students, with a maximum of 2 Ph.D students. The entry fee for your team is 1250 euros. For this fee, they arrange hotels, dinners, lunch, the location, the case etc. So you will hardly have any costs when you are there. They do not, however, pay for your transport to Amsterdam.

The exact date of the 2013 Econometric Game is not certain yet, but it will be either the 2nd or the 3rd week of april. Because they have oversubscription each year, not all teams that apply can participate. But when you make it through the selection, you are obligated to pay the fee. This seems very strict, but it is only to avoid people backing out of the participation while others would have wanted to join as well.

For more information follow the link

Posted: 03 Sept 2012

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